The Random World Of Chadwick

Exactly what the name says i am random..too much at times but i am Chadwick and thats who im gonna be. Tweet me @mrbigchadwick. IG: @mrbigchadwick.


I can’t do the anon thing…its just….guh. Like I need you to know that I fuck with you or want to fuck you.

&& I think people who don’t like people but take the time out to message them about how they don’t like them have too little going on. You have so little to worry about that you’re going to complain to a stranger instead of just unfollowing them. -___-


it’s ok to admit that you feel lonely

you can still appreciate every facet of your life and be doing great things

but feel like you would like someone to share your life with

it’s ok

you’re not complaining 

and you’re not being ungrateful

you’re human

and confronting those feelings of loneliness, accepting them as a part of your heart, is important to actually dealing with it


I’m happy for others that are happy or succeeding.

I’m happy for those that are happy in love.

I’m happy for those that are growing.

I’m happy for those that know who they are and love it.

I’m happy for others bc it’s more satisfying than being jealous or hating.

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