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2day is my first day at my second job


if you don’t like bob’s burgers i don’t think we can ever truly be friends

azhuresunsoar asked: Re: Kanye West - did you watch the video that was in the second article in that post? The crowd is booing. Saying stand the fuck up. He pauses for a long time, and even though he said he wouldn't make a wheelchair user stand up, it's wrong to assume that because someone is not in a wheelchair that they are not disabled. And not only that, but basically focusing everyone in the crowd's attention on that person, for not being able to do what everyone else did. That's ableism. And it's shitty




Listen. I watched the clip on tonights episode of tmz… He said he needed everyone to stand up so he could do his song unless they got a handicap pass or something, then he saw one person sitting, waited, THE PEOPLE BOOED WHILE HE SENT SECURITY TO CHECK ON THE DUDE TO SEE WHY HE WAS SITTING… He confirmed he had a reason to stay seated, said aiight cool and went on with it.

Yes it’s an issue, no it’s not as big of an issue as it could be. I personally feel like it’s being blown out of proportion— he could have been a flaming raging dick and shut down the show, but he didn’t. He could have kicked the guy out but he didn’t. This could have gone down so many different ways, but people tend to forget that Kanye is Kanye and this is who he is… In typical Gemini fashion, he’s hard-headed and passionate and stubborn and does things his way… Why people are surprised by his actions (or “antics” as some would call them) is just baffling…

He didn’t insult them, didn’t call them a slur, all he did was wait to see why they weren’t standing

This is the issue

He did not tell the audience to boo, so blame the aussies for that. He just said he ain’t gonna perform until everyone who could stand was standing

Personally, id say y’all need to pick your battles… This is not one of them.

Guess I’ll just have to disagree with you saying it’s not that big of a deal, because I’m pretty sure if I paid to see a concert and was focused on by so many people booing that I wasn’t standing (which I would not do, since yeah, I do have issues standing in place for more than a couple minutes), and someone came to check on me to see why I wasn’t standing, to make me feel like I had done something wrong just by not being able to do what everyone else was doing..  I’d be pretty fucking pissed off.   He said several times in that video “only if he’s in a wheelchair”.  A wheel chair is not the only indication of physical disability.

Also, disabled people do not need to prove shit to anyone except their doctors, so having someone check and see why they are sitting is pretty bullshit.  And the booing happened twice, so if it was people booing BECAUSE of the security going to check, then fine.  But if they were booing because the person wasn’t standing?  Like I couldn’t tell from the video which it is.

What if they weren’t in a wheelchair?  I only ever use mine if I’m going somewhere I might need to walk a lot and therefore might get stuck if I get in too much pain.  That way I won’t feel trapped.  I wouldn’t take it to a concert.

You don’t have to insult someone or call them a slur to be ableist.  You don’t have to be completely an ass to be wrong in  your behavior.  And the fact that so many people are defending it, or saying it isn’t ableist, just shows how little people understand about ableism in general.  So yes, this is one of the battles that needs to be fought, he’s in the public eye and people see that behavior as okay and worth defending, and that disabled people are wrong to get upset about it.  Seems a little fucked up to me to be told by people who probably don’t have to deal with the issues that come with being physically disabled in whatever way PERSONALLY, that we shouldn’t be so bothered.

I’m going to say we agree to disagree

Bc a concert isn’t something that happens everyday, whereas getting from point A to B to Z is… Grocery shopping, work, accessibility, the things that are happening every other day that a person isn’t attending a concert… I feel those are more important than this concert

This concert’s issue will be forgotten next week, but there are still people who can’t GET to a concert bc there are no access points for them… There are no accessible seating, or assistance of any kind. They want to go to concerts but can’t. Thats a more important/bigger issue

And then theres the fact that people say things like “we shouldn’t have to prove our disability/handicap” but then get upset when you go some place and theres no help… THEN it’s made apparant. Yes, I understand you want fair and equal treatment, but at the same time I’m thinking why not be upfront that you need help from the beginning instead of waiting until there is none for you, then being (rightfully) upset about it.

I feel conflicted bc on one hand…. But on another hand…

I’m less upset about Kanye and his actions/antics than I am about handicapped parking spots that are too small or not legit, or doorways that are too narrow for wheelchairs and walkers.

Kanye took the Confederate flag and made it his own… That was an issue for all of two and a half weeks… Kanye does outlandish stunts all the time, if people were truly upset, they’d be protesting him on the regular… But they’re not.

This is where my issue lies, people picking and choosing what and when to be upset with someone, especially if they’ve always been low-key problematic. Once this issue has been forgotten, will you still be upset with him, or upset that he did what he did that one time?