The Random World Of Chadwick

Exactly what the name says i am random..too much at times but i am Chadwick and thats who im gonna be. Tweet me @mrbigchadwick. IG: @mrbigchadwick.
Lmao! Damn Right Ladies!

Lmao! Damn Right Ladies!




I for one think the world is ready for a black, queer, size 10 Wonder Woman. :) Took a few shots in my Wonder Woman costume which I love! Definitely plan on upgrading my armor but I’m still unbelievably happy with this! Not sure what it is about this costume but it definitely makes you want to stand a little taller and go off to be a badass.

I have more pictures in my costume at my facebook page!



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Random update……

Off work today. Enjoying football all day is the plan. Shoutout to all my people keeping in touch. Thanks for the asks and stuff LOL.

Anonymous asked: I wanna suck some dick right now. I mean really gag on it Abe have him cum in the very back of My throat

LMAO DAMN! IDK who you are but you are entertaining as hell. Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous asked: When I was spending the night@ my cousins her bf came in the room and gave me head til I came, then he left.

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn thats dirty as fuck! At least you got a nut out of it though.


a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

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